About Me


My Approach

“Yoga is not an exercise, it is a practice and a way of life. A way to sit, a way to center, a way to question, a way to answer, a way to breathe, a way to feel, a way to be, a way to respond, a way to grow, a way to heal, a way to hear, a way to see, a way to expand, a way to contract, a way to think, a way to understand, a way to trust, a way to accept, a way to truth, a way to love, a way to live, a way to let go. This is yoga.”  ~Loren Kelly~

My Story

Loren has been practicing yoga for twenty one years and has gone from adolescence to womanhood to motherhood, learning to adapt and change in life, as well as in practice. Now she strives to live and lead fully immersed in her path teaching others all she has learned along the way.

Meet the Tools

There are many ways we practice Yoga. It is about all you do in life and should be practiced hand-in-hand with Ayurveda.


Breath work.

The breath is what moves the energy through the body.


Postures and Movement

Stillness and movement help us to see where we are and where we need to go.


Daily Routine

The body craves routine similar to the seasons and is altered by our environment.

Next Steps...

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